About Us 


"What is essential is invisible to the eye."

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


To create skin products that ensure that what is invisible to our eyes is loving to our bodies.

W E L C O M E!

Land of Milk & Honey was founded in Dallas, TX. It was inspired by God's description of the Promised Land as "a land flowing with milk and honey" and is representative of the many blessings God provides. We chose this name because we believe that God created such a beautiful world full of many naturally sustaining things. We can harness His creation to make natural products for our everyday use. This mission first came about when I became a mother. I LOVE kissing my children's cheeks! One day, I noticed how raw and cracked their cheeks were. Sadly, their cheeks weren't the only thing that was cracked. My lips were awful! It was at that point that I noticed the warning on the back of my lip balm at the time, "warning: do not use on children under 3." WHOA! How could I have missed that? After researching the ingredients, I found it was filled with so many awful things. Our skin is the THINNEST organ in our body and so their cheeks and my lips were getting so cracked! It was at this point that I set out to design the most natural and cleanest body care products possible. Naturally, I needed to start with the lips because those are what I use to shower my babies in kisses everyday! We hope you stick with us on our #journeytosaferbeauty because the lips are only the beginning.



Karla Bennett

Founder, Land of Milk & Honey